In a time of such uncertainty we have been inspired by our brides who are certain of one thing – that nothing is getting in the way of their day. Brides who are making their wedding happen realising that the most important thing is that they are marrying the love of their life and are celebrating with intimate ceremonies and micro receptions!

“What started as a wedding with 100+ guests ended up being an intimate wedding at my childhood home with just 10 guests. Melbert and I both say we wouldn’t change our wedding venue now for anything.” – Jordana

Jordana wore a custom made gown which was a combination of the Richelle and London gown.

Photography captured by Duuet


I met Melbert at a Trivia Night. About a month before the Trivia Night one of my good friends had told me about this ‘really great guy that I just had to go on a date with.’ I wasn’t really into Trivia, but I knew Melbert would be there and I was interested in meeting him. I arrived early and sat on a table with a few friends. Melbert messaged me (we had been chatting on Facebook for a few weeks before) and told me he was running late. There was a lot of people at the Trivia Night and I kept looking for him as people walked in. Finally, he messaged me and told me he had arrived – I saw him standing at the back of the room (I could see him, but he couldn’t see me). I was so nervous, but I sent a message that said, ‘I can see you; I’ll come and get you.’ So, I left my table, took a deep breath and walked towards him. I quickly introduced myself and invited him to our Trivia table. Turns out we are both terrible at trivia and that was the start of our love story.


We had been talking about getting engaged for a few weeks, but we had both decided the ring we wanted was way too expensive – besides we didn’t know my ring size. Then, one Saturday we were at my niece’s birthday party and Melbert said let’s go to Chadstone this afternoon to try rings on at Tiffany and Co. I thought okay, I guess I need to try a ring on eventually, so I know what looks good on my finger and what my ring size is. So, we went to Tiffany and Co. and we were lining up outside the shop when I suddenly felt really nervous and hot. Was I really about to try an engagement ring on? We walked in and asked to try on the ring we had seen online. The lady put it on my finger and said ‘oh, it’s the perfect size for your finger, usually you would need to order it and wait about 6 weeks, but you could get this one today.’ Then my partner was like ‘okay, let’s get it today’ and I was like ‘aaaahhhhhhhhh this was not the plan.’ I panicked and overheated and said to my partner, ‘are you sure? I thought we didn’t have enough money!’ Turns out he did have enough money. He bought the ring and when we got home he got down on one knee and proposed! It was very simple, very us and still a total surprise!


We got married at my parents’ home on the Mornington Peninsula. This was actually not our original plan but due to COVID-19 our wedding venue cancelled. What started as a wedding with 100+ guests ended up being an intimate wedding at my childhood home with just 10 guests. Despite COVID-19 Melbert and I still decided to get married. Luckily we both adore my childhood home and my mum was able to turn our sunroom into the most special wedding venue ever – Melbert and I both say we wouldn’t change our wedding venue now for anything.


What a hard question! I loved the entire day, but I think my favourite part was walking down the corridor in my childhood home with my dad to marry my soon to be husband. It felt so special to walk through my home in my wedding dress and see my future husband waiting for me. I’ll never forget that moment. I will also never forget having my daddy-daughter dance and first dance in the living room.


I wore a custom made gown that was two dresses put together. It was the Richelle dress with the London neckline and back. I also wore a Raffaele Ciuca veil. The dress was my dream dress and I was so grateful that Raffaele Ciuca could see my vision and help me find a gown that was modest, simple, beautiful and very me. I loved the sleeves and the buttons down the back and fabric was just exquisite. The veil also helped bring the whole look together. I felt so beautiful and elegant on my wedding day and everybody wouldn’t stop commenting on how stunning the dress was and how well it fitted me.


My shopping experience at Raffaele Ciuca was incredible. I had been trying dresses on all day and was starting to feel disheartened because I couldn’t find a modest dress anywhere. I walked into the Raffaele Ciuca Armadale store with my mum. Even though we didn’t have an appointment the lady was so kind and made time for me to try a dress on. When I tried on the Richelle dress I really loved the skirt on it – but I wasn’t happy with the sleeves. The lady at Raffaele Ciuca caught my vision and bought me the London dress to try on. I fell in love with the neckline and back. She said that she would call the designer and see if she would put the two dresses together and add some sleeves. The designer said she could and I had a sketch of my dream dress in front of me. I couldn’t believe that the lady had been so helpful and helped me find a dress that I loved. When I came back to pick my dress up the lady who helped me was wonderful again. She helped me choose the perfect veil. Then the alterations department worked miracles. I picked my dress up in the middle of COVID-19. I called the alterations department and explained I was still getting married. They did my alterations in 2 days (rather than the usual six weeks). I was able to pick my dress up on the Friday afternoon right before the Raffaele Ciuca stores closed for the next couple of months!


Planning a wedding can be stressful and not everything will go to plan. My whole wedding was turned upside down by COVID-19 – but I realised the most important thing on the wedding day is love you radiate. Your family and friends just want to see you happy, in love and enjoying yourself. So, relax and enjoy all the small moments. Look at your husbands face when you walk down the aisle, listen to the vows and don’t be afraid to cry. Listen to the speeches, enjoy the food, dance and let yourself enjoy every moment and I promise you it will be the best day ever.


Photographer:  DUÜET 

Venue: Parent’s house in Mt. Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula

Celebrant: Stephen Barr

Flowers: Secret Garden Florist, Mornington

Hair: Mayko Hair

Makeup: Tiarna Robertson Makeup