“I had staff member Teresa help me and she was the best! Every time I put on a dress she would give me her honest opinion and if she liked it or not and that’s what I loved!”


RC – How did you meet Luke?
We have always been best friends from when we were teenagers. But 2 years ago we went to Bali with a group of friends and something just clicked! After that we knew we wanted to be together.

RC – How did Luke propose?
Luke told me he had to go to Melbourne for work so while he was away I had planned to meet my parents for drinks for their anniversary at the Mayfair hotel rooftop bar in Adelaide. I went up the elevator with my sisters as soon as the doors opened I walked straight out into the bar my sisters quickly closed the doors to the elevator and luke was standing in the rooftop bar by himself he had hired the whole place out got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in so much shock! We had photos in the bar after and he then hired a 1960s bentley to drive us up to the Adelaide hills for more photos and dinner with our two families.

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Raffaele Ciuca_Real Bride_Stephanie_Pronovias_Tanit_1

Raffaele Ciuca_Real Bride_Stephanie_Pronovias_Tanit_8

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RC – Is there a particular reason as to why you chose your venue?
I have always just loved this venue. I originally had my heart set on a beautiful winery in Adelaide but they don’t have a capacity for big Italian weddings! So I settled for a reception venue that did which I was so happy I did the staff were amazing!

RC – Your favourite part of the wedding?
Walking in and seeing Luke’s face and taking photos just of me and Luke in the afternoon it was the most relaxed I was the whole day.

RC – How did the dress make you feel?
I wore a dress by Pronovias I loved it so much it was so comfortable all day wasn’t heavy just beautiful!

Raffaele Ciuca_Real Bride_Stephanie_Pronovias_Tanit_6

Raffaele Ciuca_Real Bride_Stephanie_Pronovias_Tanit_4

RC – How was your bridal dress shopping experience with Raffaele Ciuca? 
I loved it! i knew I wanted a pronovias dress and I had looked in Adelaide and not many bridal stores have a lot of pronovias dresses and they weren’t very helpful on where to find them! I was in Melbourne for a holiday and decided to make an appointment with Raffaele Ciuca as soon as I walked in it was the first dress i saw and wanted to try on. I had staff member Teresa help me and she was the best! Every time I put on a dress she would give me her honest opinion and if she liked it or not and that’s what I loved!

RC – Advise for brides to be?
Try and enjoy the day as much as you can if things don’t go to plan try not to let it ruin your day. That’s where I went wrong I stressed too much because the speeches went for so long and we didn’t get as much dancing time we had planned for. But I realised you can’t stress over things you can’t control!

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