It’s our favourite day this week at Raffaele Ciuca! Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate than with a #RCREALBRIDE Valentines Day Proposal story! Love came easily for Sarah and Yashar!

#RCRealBride Sarah wore the Allure Couture Style C509, this dreamy ballgown features floral embroidery overlaid by soft tulle.

Photography by Mel Cornell


Yashar and I first met on eHarmony where Yashar privately message me. We then caught up in person at the Coffee Club in Knox. On first impression I thought Yashar was shy, however he seemed to be a nice and very genuine guy. Yashar told me later on that in the first moments he thought that I was beautiful and after talking to me, he thought I seemed to have a lot of good energy. Unbeknown to the both of us at the time, this first meeting was the beginning of our adventure together. We both enjoyed the date so much, so we organized then and there to go on another a week later. This time Yashar picked me up from my house to go to the movies. This is when he was first introduced to my Mum Diana for the first time. Love came easily for these us.


We were together for 7 months when Yashar had been secretly planning the proposal with my sister Elizabeth for Valentines Day. While Yashar took me on a walk along the river, Elizabeth decorated my room with roses, balloons and photos of Yashar and I, with a sign attached that said “Will you marry me Sarah?” Yashar and I returned home we entered the bedroom and I was instantly overwhelmed with excitement, I turned around to find Yashar down on one knee proposing! I excitedly shouted ‘Yes!’ before he had a chance to get the words out!


We fell immediately in love with Marybrooke Manor. The team were very friendly and welcoming. The place was beautiful on it’s own. After booking the venue I found out they had won Brides Choice Awards muliptle times, first place 2018, second 2019.

Marybrooke Manor also had won awards for their food. The venue was very practical about their minimum guest requirement and value. As we went to Marrybrooke Manor for small wedding we found that they add things on so that you still get amazing value for example a Donut wall and Lemonade Stand at your ceremony. Our guests still compliment us on how perfect the wedding was.


My favourite part was walking down to the gardens to marry my husband under the gazebo but honestly I loved every momment especially spending time with my loved ones and people who watched me become the women I am today.


My dress was the Allure Couture style C509. I had seen the dress that I liked a few weeks before my appointment. On the day I went to Brunswick store with my mum, sister who was my matron of honor and my baby nephew who was our page boy. The dress was standing in the door and my family and I all said, ‘That is the dress!’. I tried on two dresses and it was obvious that the right dress was the one I had in mind all along!


The whole team stood out. My mum rang to get appointment as I was studying at the time. There was no appointment available for when we needed. The day before my requested appointment date and time they called and said that someone had canecelled their appointment and the spot was available. They remembered the time we needed and were so accomodating. The team were very friendly at the Brunswick store.


You can listen to everyone’s advice but at end of the day do what makes you and your future husband happy.

For a happy relationship, trust is big thing and spend time together each day, and organise a date at least once a month.

Photographer:  Mel Cornell

Venue:  Marrybrooke Manor

Church/Celebrant: Bianca Paliaga

Flowers: Heathmont Flowers

Hair: Hair Creations By Carmel

Makeup: Embellish Makeovers

Shoes: Myer

Invites: Digital Image Centre

Suits: Connor

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Love Affair

Rings: Mazzucchelli’s

Videographer: Everything Video