This week we interviewed #rcrealbride Sally
who married the love of her life Sean in our Jovi wedding gown by Maggie Sottero on the 25th March 2017


11 years ago in Geelong, I was out with some of my uni girlfriends and I noticed Sean as he headed into the venue we were going to. We finally bumped into one another and spoke for hours and figured out we were at the same uni and from there we were inseparable.

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero


Sean proposed on Lake Ashi in Hakone (Japan) in May 2015 it is where you get the best views of Mt Fuji. It was unbelievable and I now hold Japan close to my heart as it is such a beautiful country and we cannot wait to return.

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero


We wanted to take our guests somewhere special and of course beautiful. We actually found choosing the venue the most difficult part of the whole wedding planning process. We looked at Lyrebird Falls first and absolutely loved it but we kept looking as we wanted to make sure we checked all our options and nothing felt quite the same. Lyrebird Falls were brilliant so professional and the venue is so well kept and the staff helped to make our wedding day run seamlessly. I know people say things go wrong on the day but nothing went wrong on ours due to there concise preparation and they made everything so easy for us. Cannot rate them enough!!!


Wow, there is too many. I think once the ceremony is complete you can both really relax into your day. I really enjoyed the time we headed out to take our portrait photos after the ceremony. Our photographer Anne was so laid back and fun but so talented through the lens. We really had a ball and felt so relaxed. And of course I love dancing so coming back and enjoying the company of your closest friends and family just makes the day extra special. But I also loved the whole process of getting ready enjoying our time away in Mt Dandenong with all the family. A day I will keep close to my heart and can now relive it everyday through our amazing photos.


AMAZING. I have to say the dress was one of the easiest parts of the whole wedding. I had tried on a few dresses prior to looking as my friend was getting married the year before me so I was able to get a guide of what suited my body shape and what I liked. Then when it came time to start looking I had seen an advertisement for the Maggie Sottero JOVI dress and straight away I knew it was the one for me. As I was torn between lace and tulle and then incorporated both. I called to find out who stocked Maggie Sottero and the only stockist in Melbourne were Raffiele Ciuca. The ladies were amazing they shipped in the dress form the designer  for me to try and the rest is history I tried it and knew it was the one.

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero


So helpful. Usually I am terrible at making decisions but because I knew this dress was the one the whole process was simple I came in tried it on with my Mum viewing as well and  we both LOVED it – so I ordered it. It took around 6 months to come in and then I had fittings closer to our wedding date and alterations completed the week before. Very impressed with the RC staff and professionalism of everyone I dealt with.

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero


Wow – hot tip. On your wedding  day make sure you take time to slow down and take time out with your partner just to enjoy a moment alone with each other. You have both spent months and months planning this day so you want to make sure you remember all the main parts and take it all. The day flies by and before you know it you’re on your way home. And if something does go wrong don’t worry about it. I actually remember one thing. The first thing I did when I woke  up on our wedding day was check the weather forecast – worst thing I did as it was just the silly I phone weather app and it had forecast rain for the time of our ceremony and we had an outdoor ceremony planned (there was a back up option) but the outdoor gazebo was my favourite.  The whole time we were getting ready in the back of my mind I was worried for the weather. However when the photographer arrived to take photos she checked the Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) and there was no rain forecast we had the perfect sunny day so all I can say is on the day just live each moment and don’t worry about a thing. No one will notice any mishaps if you don’t announce them. I look back on it now and am annoyed that I even wasted my worries on the weather. As the day was just perfect!!!

Jovi wedding dresss real bride maggie Sottero