RC Real Bride Renee knows a thing or two about planning a wedding – she had to do it four times! After rescheduling 3 times, Renee was on a mission to make sure it was fourth time lucky… and it wasn’t smooth sailing. When another lockdown was announced on Renee’s fourth scheduled wedding date, she was faced with the option of pushing the date forward into the distant future, or walking down the aisle within a few hours. She opted for the latter.

At 11am Renee and Dean made the call to have their wedding that same night! As you can imagine, chaos ensued for the next few hours however, the result was a magical and spontaneous celebration with their nearest and dearest. After a frantic day of preparation, Renee and Dean arrived at The Farm at 6pm. As the sun set, Renee said “I do”, right before another lockdown set in.