“The lady who helped me was so genuine and lovely and the store itself is so beautiful it was a really nice experience.”


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RC – How did you and your husband meet?
We were set up by two of our friends on a blind double date -I had noticed Matty at the gym (where I work) and It just so happened matts friend who he trained and lived with was friends with my best friend elle (also a bridesmaid) so when I started asking her questions about matt of course she took it upon herself to set something up… Now Matty loves to tell everyone about how I stalked him but 3 and a half years later were married own a house and 2 dogs and couldn’t be happier!

RC – The proposal?
Valentines day this year! Matty’s not one for planning things but he actually planned a lovely weekend away north of Cairns with an ocean front apartment and it was perfect. He gave me this big gift bag over breakfast with only a usb in it and without going into all the details that’s how he proposed – it was really sweet. Plus there was an amazing diamond ring involved and I had completely no idea.

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RC – Is there a particular reason as to why you chose your venue?
We had our hearts set on a destination wedding and we loved the idea of NZ but it was just too far so when trawling through QLD venues I came across The Sugar Wharf and loved it instantly, it’s a blank canvas in an amazing location and we love Port Douglas, we actually go there all the time for holidays so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it to start with!

RC – Your favourite part of the wedding?
I cant pick a favourite part I loved it all but probably the ceremony & the speeches.

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RC – How the dress made you feel?
I felt beautiful and most importantly I felt like me. I tried on so many dresses that were all lovely but I just didn’t feel like myself in them. When I tried it on I just knew it was what I had been looking for.

RC – Your bridal shopping experience?
Was draining to be honest – until I walked into Raffaele Ciuca. I had tried on so many dresses over two days I was sort of over it but the lady who helped me was so genuine and lovely and the store itself is so beautiful it was a really nice experience. My dress is actually the first one I saw when I walked into the shop and it looked really boring and a bit limp on the hanger to be honest but I knew I was looking for something sleek so thought it might look better on so we added it to the bunch, I tried on a dress of every style all were beautiful but just not me. Once I put on my dress mum and I knew right away it was perfect.

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RC – Tips for brides-to-be!
Don’t sweat the small stuff honestly some of the smallest details I obsessed over ended up being forgotten and left behind on the day and it was fine just live in the moment and enjoy it because it goes so fast. If I could do it again I would start the day earlier! When dress shopping don’t try to follow trends or obsess over a dress you see in a magazine just choose what you like and feel good in – you’re the one who will be looking back at your photos in 20 years time!

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