There’s something so comforting about feeling like you’re meant to be with someone. It’s probably why many choose to believe in fate, destiny, and soulmates. Nicollette had heard of this ‘amazing guy’ called Aaron from her best friend  but for whatever reason or call it fate, she took a chance, stepped out of her comfort zone and it was totally meant to be!

#rcrealbride Nicollette wore a gorgeous sheath Wedding Societe gown with open statement sleeves.

Photography by Philip Betts (Aarons Uncle)


We were set up! Our best friends were engaged and it was his best friend, Terry’s 22nd Birthday, my bestie Emma convinced me to tag along to meet this ‘amazing guy’ named Aaron. Emma had mentioned him before but I thought nothing of it. But for some reason this time, I went for it! I took a taxi to the city on my own, and met the group at Hoffbrauhaus. There was a group of about 20 people at this dinner, and Aaron and I happened to be at opposite ends of the table. After the entrée was served, Aaron came and sat next to me – he asked, ‘What did you have for entrée?’ I replied, ‘I actually can’t remember’ – I was in a state of shock!

I was so shocked this cute guy actually came and spoke to me! We were both instantly attracted to each other.  Aaron asked Terry’s mum how to say, You are beautiful’ in Greek (she’s half greek) and he came back with ‘eho tria arhidia’ – I think we all know that’s a reference from My Big Fat Greek Wedding – well he had me! We move onto another bar, where I bought him his first ever Tequila shot – and I made the first move! I knew we were something from that first night, we were special. We planned a New York trip which we went on six months later! The following week to our initial meeting was Valentines Day which is Aarons birthday, so I was at his 21st birthday it was just me and his family!


The proposal was on Valentines Day 2019. We love going on picnics, so it was only fair I spoil Aaron on his birthday with a picnic to our favourite park in Melbourne, Hedgeley Dene Gardens. It reminds us of Central park in New York. I bought him his favourite foods and we sat on a picnic rug together. We said small gifts for each other as we had just purchased our first home together – so I bought Aaron chopsticks! Ha! I knew he wanted a fancy set so that’s what I did! Of course I couldn’t wait to give him his gift so as soon as we sat down I forced him to open his present. Then I saw a box that was for me, he said he wanted to wait a little – I was annoyed and confused. Ha! I felt funny that day so I think I knew somehting was up but I didn’t want to get my hopes up!

Well he waited a whole 10 minutes, then sat next to me and said were opening this together (I went red immediately). As we opened the box – I saw a small ring box inside, in my head I thought ‘If this is a necklace I will kill him’ Ha! Well it was a stunning diamond ring that he went and chose with my other best friend Andriana. We were both ecstatic and couldn’t wait to share the news with our families.


We chose the Terrace Receptions at the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was the easiest decision for us! As soon as we knew the Botanical Gardens had a venue we were sold, but when we went and actually visited it we knew we had found our place. It’s so green and open and the staff were absolutely amazing! Not to mention the incredible food! This was the first and only place we visited, we just knew straight away! Could not recommend it more.


Where do I even start, the whole day was just magic! Aaron and I are rarely apart, so not sleeping by each others side was difficult, especially not being able to wake up next to him on our day! I didn’t know how he was feeling, what he was thinking or doing, My girls did their very best to distract me but the butterflies were building!

One of my favourite parts was walking down the stairs of my parents house to my family waiting for me! My granny whom I cherish gave me a very special bracelet for the day – well que water works!

Then it was time to go to the church! I think I was most excited and nervous for this part! It was the first time Aaron was going to see me, and really the most important part of the day, we were getting married!  As my dad walked me down the aisle, and Aaron caught his first glimpse of me, we both teared up, it was a truly memorable moment.

Another moment I loved was the car ride I had with Aaron to our reception to take photos, it was amazing just having time for us two – digesting what had just happened.

There were so many moments I will never forget, but my final memorable one would be the Greek dancing. Aaron had been practising for 6 weeks with my family to learn some of the steps, and boy did he deliver! He absolutely killed it, and it was the most fun watching everyone get up and dance along, even those who didn’t know what they were doing! Such a priceless moment!


Well, the dress. What can I say, it was simply perfect. This was my first dress shopping experinece, I had chosen three dresses to try on, under the guidence of my maid of honour, my mum, my granny and my 3 other bridesmaids. They were all incredible dresses but not quite right. Then our fantastic RC representative, Maria said she though she had the perfect dress for me. Maria had been listening to what I had been saying about what I like/don’t like, and had remembered this dress that had just arrived in. When I saw it on the hanger I thought it was lovely but I wasn’t entirely conviced, then I put it on and walked out of the change rooms – everyones mouths dropped. They all said in unison, ‘Stop looking you’ve found it!’.

I was shocked! I am the most difficult person when it comes to clothing choices, how could this be so easy? When I looked at myself in the mirror I knew it was the one, it felt just right – like it was made for me!


I couldn’t have been happier with my RC experience, it was everything I could’ve imagined plus so much more! I honestly was not expecting to find the one so quickly and effortlessly! It wouldn’t have even the same without Maria. She chose the dress for me and the rest is history! Even down to the alterations, the staff were nothing short of incredible!


Try be organised! Get things done as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to think about it again. Try not to overthink decisions, your first thought is usually the best one!


Just laugh and when things are tough or your disagreeing on something, give yourselves a minute, breathe and laugh! Laughter is honestly the best medicine.


Wedding Dress: Raffaele Ciuca Bridal

Videographer: Liam Rogers

Photographer: Phillip Betts (Aarons uncle)

Venue: The Terrace Receptions – Royal Botanical Gardens

Church/Celebrant: Sts Anargiri, Oakleigh Greek Orthodox Church

Flowers: Claire (Family friend)

Hair: Emily Jones (Eva Rose Salon)

Makeup: Dana Beraldo

Shoes: One Day Bridal

Invites: Zazzle (online)

Suits: Bell and Barnett

Band/DJ: Rythmos Band (Greek/English)

Bridesmaid Dresses: Oleg Cassini

Rings: Natalie Marie Jewellery (Bride), Grew and co (Groom)