With picturesque landscapes, strong architecture, and a city buzzing with style in every corner it is no wonder that the new BERTA collection fits right in. The S/S 2020 collection is even more jaw dropping than ever before and uncovers a whole new dimension to the BERTA house of couture.

There is a certain wanderlust and vision behind each BERTA creation. The S/S 2020 collection features never before seen silhouettes and fabrics. Re-introducing silk into the collection with the BERTA twist to create a modern and elegant feel, alongside daring cuts and a mix of handmade embellishments & embroidery. The true art form behind BERTA’s masterpieces are the blend of fabrics to create such luxe detailed gowns. It’s within each one of these details the true work is defined.

This new bridal couture collection from BERTA is taking it one step further, going deeper into a world of luxury, couture and drama. With extravagant trains, intricate embroidery and embellishment work, all combined in silhouettes that are meant to create a long lasting impression.

Join Raffaele Ciuca this September as we introduce the iconic bridal designer Berta to our luxurious Brunswick Emporium with their latest collection, ‘Milano’.

Please note that the gowns in this collection retail from $10,000 +

6th – 15th September
441 – 443 Sydney Rd, BRUNSWICK

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View the collection below.