This week we interviewed #rcrealbride Amy
who married the love of her life Chris in our Camilla wedding gown by Casablanca.

18th December 2016


We met on a Rooftop bar called Campari House, in Melbourne. I thought I was going for a night out with friends. Little did I know, our mutual friend had been showing Chris photos of me on Facebook, and so Chris came to that night knowing it was a setup, disguised as a general get together. We really did hit it off chatting nonstop without breath for a good 3 hours. The rest of the group periodically checked in on us obviously chuffed with their ability to play cupid.


We were travelling in Capri, off the Amalfi coast. We had decided to walk up to a medieval Castle on top of the hill, and spent the morning getting lost, wandering around residential areas in the 38 degree heat. When we were finally on the right path, an old man stepped out of a stone doorway, and asked if we had a couple of minutes and should come inside the park and see the beautiful lookout. We saw an incredible view and took some photos of the cliffs and coastline, sat down on a little bench under a tree and just enjoyed the fact that they were there together alone. We shared a nice kiss and then started arguing…. over who loved each other more that day, and Chris said, “No I love you  more today because I want to marry you.” And he got down on one knee in front of the bench, and asked me to marry him.  After the initial crying and smiles and disbelief that we were now engaged… we went and celebrated with a prosecco and a panini over looking the cliffs.


We chose Ripponlea Estate for their amazing gardens. They have a little lake and a stunning mansion.  Chris and I looked at quite a few venues for the ceremony, but I had completely fallen in love with the gardens. Once I’d seen this one, all the other venues just didn’t stack up. We also wanted it all in one place, so the ballroom reception offered there was the logical choice and we were not disappointed.

wedding photo


How could I choose?

The entire day was amazing! I think the most special part was how Chris’ nerves just disappeared when I walked up the aisle to him. He was so nervous at the idea of everyone looking at us and being the centre of attention, something neither of us enjoy. All the things we’d practised together in the lead up, we just forgot everything and it was just us, being us, surrounded by our loved ones. We couldn’t ask for a better day.


The Camilla dress by Casablanca was absolutely stunning! I’d chosen it because I’d always seen the beautiful lace train my Nonna had for her wedding day. My grandparents looked so happy in that old photo, and I’d always hoped to emulate that. The Camilla gown was soft, elegant and the champagne underlay brought out the lace in such a delicate, exquisite way, how could I not choose this dress? On the day, I felt relaxed, comfortable and the train was just beautiful. Once it was bustled up for the reception, it was still very easy to move around in.


I’d always wanted a lace dress, but so many of what I’d tried on elsewhere felt like curtains. After searching in many stores, I came back to Raffaele Ciuca a second time and found my dress. Francesca was very patient with me and so helpful.


Try not to sweat the small stuff. In the end, all that matters is that the one you love is marrying you today. It won’t make any difference what table centrepiece you have, if the flower girl dress has a cross- back strap or not is, or who you had to seat on the table nearest to the bathrooms. Make sure you have good music, good food and lots of laughter. Then it’ll be a wedding to remember … Oh, and where possible, get vendors who know the venue you’ve chosen. All of my vendors were very experienced, knew the facility well and I had not one hiccup all day. It made all the difference.