Autumn weddings tend to be celebrations that give you intimate and homey feelings, coherent with the nostalgia of the season. Shorter days that are compensated by the beauty of falling leaves at our feet and the trees turning warmer colours. Without a doubt, Autumn paints an idyllic backdrop for weddings. As the poet Mario Benedetti well said:

“We’ll take advantage of the fall (…) now that our hearts are warmed up.”

What would the perfect Autumn wedding entail? The season itself marks the guidelines for the special occasion, but you can always add your own twist to avoid falling into stereotypes… or not, the decision is yours!

wedding photo, couple kissing


If you choose to opt for an autumnal colour palette, you’ll likely be going with warm shades such as burnt oranges, golden yellows, and dark reds or even maroons. Adding a bit of ivory to the décor is always a lovely way to add light to the décor. Using this as a starting point, you can either create a lighter or deeper palette, or for example, for a more romantic feel, I’d recommend using more pastel shades.

You can also use little details in colours that complement your palette, such as purple, burgundy, and rose tones, which would be great if you’re looking for a less stereotypical fall style. These are nice to work into elements like the napkins or plating at the reception.

wedding sign

rustic wedding bouquet, red and green


Try incorporating fruits into your wedding decoration one way or another immediately transmits the sought after style of Autumn. Let your imagination run wild combining greenery and different varieties of fruits as table centrepieces.

In terms of floral, ask your florist which flowers are in season – that way you can take advantage of what’s fresh and current. Leaves are also lovely to work into your Autumn wedding. One of our favourites… a leaf-covered walkway leading up to the alter!

leafy table runner wedding styling

fruit cocktail


Perhaps it’s a rather obvious suggestion, but we can’t help but remind you to not forget to include a variety of textures into your wedding and reception plans. More specifically, think wood, wool, textured stationary, fruits and flowers in different shapes and sizes. Try to create a decoration that is pleasing to all five senses.

ivory textured wedding invitation with blue hand dyed silk ribbon

rustic table setting, black plates, gold cutlery and rosmary


Those are the two leading adjectives that describe Autumn; you feel like you’re at home. That is exactly how your guests should feel if you surprise them with these ideas:

Lighting is everything

Make a cozy corner where guests can go to grab blankets should the temps drop as the party continues into the night.

candles and greenery decorated fireplace

wedding blankets for guests


Taking advantage of seasonal products, including food and beverage is a must. We recommend for an autumnal menu, for example, would include a starter of any seasonal vegetable soup, followed by a seasonal protein dish (think turkey, chicken, etc.). For vegetarian and/or vegan guests, you could offer baked eggplant. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit tarts or carrot cakes.

You could also welcome guests with a delicious warm cocktail  o warm them up … and finish the day’s festivities with a cup of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows for a perfect ending!

pumpkin soup, fall/ autumn wedding menu

wedding drinks station, hot chocolate


Autumn is the ideal moment to make a statement in a long-sleeved and sheer backed bridal gown. It’s also a great time of year to complement your wedding dress with a lace jacket or delicate shawl, go for detachable overskirts or try a trendy bridal cape.